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tranquilico.com was founded in 2008 by Colin McGregor, a leading health, safety and crisis management expert.

Colin has worked in senior positions for most of the UK's largest tour operators and has more than 30 years experience handling all manner of health and safety issues and both major and minor crises that affected customers overseas.


Positions Held:

Director of Quality, Health & Safety - Thomas Cook Group plc

Head of UK Customer Operations - TUI UK

Head of Health & Safety - MyTravel plc

Operations Manager - Canvas Holidays


Colin was a highly experienced Incident Control Manager at both Thomson and MyTravel

Colin was also a Director of a consultancy where he worked for a number of SME's in the travel industry. Providing crisis management training, health & safety due diligence manuals, incident advice and mentoring.

He was an FTO (Federation of Tour Operators) board member and Chairman of the FTO Health & Safety committee for a number of years.


The larger tour operators already have health & safety policies and procedures in place, many with dedicated teams.

Some also have full crisis management plans and carry out regular training and  use these skills on a more regular basis due to the number of customers they have abroad. On a purely percentage basis they suffer more incidents and therefore gain more experience in handling them.

tranquilico.com specialises in helping those small to medium companies or those new to tour operating as well as the independant school sector. Businesses who have been unable to dedicate time and resources to area's that are often put into the ' too difficult'  or 'it will never happen to us' box!

History has shown that those companies who have planned, prepared and trained are the ones who manage their crises most effectively with minimum impact on their business.

Those with effective health & safety due diligence systems in place are also better able to reject or defend claims and reduce any potential for injury, illness or fatalities.

tranquilico.com can guide you with affordable and effective solutions tailored to your business and its resources. We can get you up and running quickly for any eventuality.

Some of the issues we have dealt with:

* Hurricanes in the Caribbean  


* Plane crash


* Fatal coach crashes


* Pool fatalities


* Balcony fatalities


* Hotel Fires


* Hotel evacuations


* Destination evacuations



* Significant Public Health issues - Sickness outbreaks, Legionella, cryptosporidium etc.


tranquilico.com has a range of specialist personnel who can  provide assistance for a variety of issues:

Fire Safety consultants

Health & Hygiene consultants

Hotel safety auditors

Accident investigators

Grief Counsellors/Clinical Psychologists

Specialist trainers for dedicated courses




for ultimate peace of mind!


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