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 What are we about?


Our main specialisation's are:


* Installing health & safety due diligence systems as preventative action and legal protection 


* Providing health & safety training 


* Conducting health & safety audits 


* Online health & safety supplier self asessment programmes 





* Preparing crisis mangement policies and procedures for those serious issues that inevitably occur from time to time.


* Providing crisis management training

* Desktop Simulations - putting your team through their paces in a training room environment

* Full Crisis Simulations - a real test of your crisis management procedures





tranquilico.com utilises highly trained specialists who have a wealth of  knowledge and experience both in the health & safety and crisis management field.


We have extensive knowledge and experience of the travel, leisure and education sectors - allowing specialisation and focus for these areas.


We offer affordable, effective solutions to prepare you for any eventuality



Emma North - Head of Incentives, Travel - Quintessentially

"I wanted to properly follow up on the SMS work you did and on our crisis training session. It really was such an invaluable and insightful session and the team really enjoyed it. It has given us huge food for thought, and we are already asking the practical questions both internally and of our suppliers, to enable us to not only operate in the safest way possible but also prepare in the event of a crisis. The training session has enabled us to focus in on this topic as a team and has given the team the right toolkit to respond in a crisis. Thank you for delivering this training – you made it accessible and upbeat!


Alain Chissel - Chairman - Next Generation Travel Group

“ Faced with putting together a Crisis Management Plan for the NGT Group, despite having access to several dozen experienced former Officers in the Armed Services as guides, who have all held demanding Staff appointments (including me),  I struggled! So I held a meeting with Colin from tranquilico and within a few weeks we had a plan for the Group that needed just personal details applicable to the individual companies to add. I cannot praise him and his company highly enough and would recommend both him and tranquilico to anyone looking to put together a Crisis Management Plan in the difficult times we now live in. I feel confident that with the help of his Crisis Management Workshop to be held in the coming few months, we would be better equipped to handle major “events” more easily.”


Richard Pickering - Head of Operations and Transport - Saga Holidays 

"Saga asked tranquilico to review it’s health and safety due diligence processes to ensure that the models applied to a diverse range of packages and business models were appropriate in the context of a complex and ever more demanding external environment. 

We were very impressed with Colin McGregor’s depth and breadth of industry and specialist knowledge and adopted all of the recommendations made to ensure the most efficient use of staff and resources and in order to minimise any potential risk to customers of Saga and subsidiary brands”.


Sophie Wright - Operations Manager - Martin Randall Travel

"Our second simulation with tranquilico was excellent and gave us the opportunity to put into practice the advice they gave us at the first. For three hours we were kept very much on our toes and Colin and his team tested us with new situations that we hadn’t previously considered – an invaluable exercise.


Sam Clark, Co-Founder/Director - Experience Travel Group.

"Unfortunately, we had a level 1 crisis in Autumn of this year. After the initial shock we immediately pulled out the crisis plan prepared for us and trained by tranquilico and followed the stages exactly. 

It helped us ensure that we methodically covered all the bases and that we did things the ‘correct way’ even in a period of some panic and confusion on the ground. 

Our response to the incident was praised by one of the clients on the ground a few weeks after the event who said “an excellent crisis management response, put in place quickly and effectively – well done”.

Simon Bostic, Head of Safety & Compliance - Charity Challenge
"tranquilico.com carried out a review of our existing safety policies and procedures and helped us to make improvements and develop a strategy that have given us a more robust and comprehensive safety management system. We would have no hesitation in recommending their services to other travel organisations, especially small to medium sized enterprises who need efficient and straightforward due diligence processes"


Samantha Beschizza, Bursar - St Margaret's 
" We are very pleased to be working with tranquilico.com, their services perfectly matched what we were looking for in order to enhance our existing procedures and ensure all staff are fully trained, I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other independant schools" 




Christine Francis, Head of Consumer & Legal Affairs - Cosmos Holidays

 "Colin's huge experience in the Travel Industry puts him in a unique position to provide training & support in the critical areas of Incident Management, Risk Management, Health & Safety & Customer Service.  He combines  all his expertise with a well-developed presentation style that reflects his many years working overseas and in the UK in his ability to present the course content in an engaging way, with practical exercises to keep the audience involved & ensure that the messages are absorbed". 




Lloyd Boutcher, Director - Sunvil Traveller 

"Following a tender process tranquilico.com firmly stood out and was selected to operate a land transport audit scheme on behalf of Latin America Travel Association members.  The membership incorporates tour operators, ground handlers, hoteliers, airlines and tourist boards.  It proved to be a good decision as we have made great strides since the inception of the scheme.  I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Colin who is extremely approachable, knowledgeable, practical and flexible.  He has a sound understanding of the industry and is widely respected.  I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone” 





Laurie Higman, Operations Director - Page & Moy Travel Group

''Colin's help has been invaluable in a number of areas from coaching staff who may have to deal with traumatized customers to running crisis simulations. He has also carried out an operational audit and kick started a project to improve overseas revenue. He has a practical and good humoured approach to getting things done born out of years in a number of roles in the travel industry.' 







Kathy Jarvis, Director - Andean Trails

"A professional organisation to deal with, quick to respond, and helpful. Colin took us through the process of how to be set up and ready to deal with a crises, and provided a scenario to work through in small groups, which helped a lot in the practical application of the theory, and got everyone involved. He was highly professional, showing plenty of hands on experience, and easy to work with throughout. A day for serious thought run in a practical, memorable and useful way".


 Tom Shearman - Andean Trails

"The Crisis Management seminar hosted by Colin was first class. I hadn't appreciated the range of issues and problems that can come at you in an emergency. Judging by the course's professional and precise content, tranquilico.com certainly knows its field. With all of Colin's experience to call upon, I'm sure they could help any company through a crisis."





Mike James, Operational Support Manager - EF Tours

"Engaging the services of tranquilico has helped us to refine our practices, which has had a tremendously positive impact on our clients’ peace of mind and has enhanced the quality of our tours. Focusing our business on health and safety, has made a huge difference to our operation and we are very pleased to have tranquilico’s wealth of knowledge and expertise on such an important aspect of educational travel"





Manuel Mascarenhas, Managing Director - Wendy Wu Tours

"tranquilco.com has delivered an excellent service for Wendy Wu tours and continues to do so on a retained contractual basis.  A full Health and Safety audit was conducted in China and done in such a way that the ground handler and suppliers fully bought into the process and importantly, the concept and discipline.  Colin McGregor has an excellent reputation in the UK travel marketplace for his knowledge and expertise in all matters Health and Safety; add to this his highly professional and customer centric approach in each project he undertakes.  The UK Health and Safety model has now been adopted by the Wendy Wu Tours Australia office and soon in the USA.  Audits are now being rolled out in Indo China as well, Wendy Wu Tours’ second largest market"






Francesca Shepherd - Abercrombie & Kent

"For Abercrombie & Kent quality assurance is a key focus and ensuring that our standards are of the utmost excellence is of great importance to us. tranquilico.com have been excellent in helping us review the health and safety standards of our suppliers and have helped us ensure that there is greater consistency amongst the plethora of suppliers we use around the world.”





Ricard Giner, Managing Director - Work & Volunteer Abroad (WAVA)

"Colin McGregor is a highly knowledgeable and experienced professional. As a specialist travel agency working with external suppliers in unpredictable countries, we have learnt a huge amount from him about the risks we undertake and the level of exposure we are subject to. Thankfully, his expertise, excellent materials and calm demeanour has helped us to put in place robust processes and procedures that will help protect our travellers from unexpected incidents, and in the worst case, help us to handle a challenging situation swiftly and professionally. Disasters do happen - they do not need to be made worse still by disastrous companies. Colin has made us stronger, more responsible and more capable, so that our travellers can be confident of a safe and rewarding overseas experience"







Kath Bateman, Director - Caledonia Languages

"We recently attended a Crises Management workshop presented by tranquilico.com and were most impressed by the comprehensive range of topics covered in just half a day.  Although we consider ourselves to be experienced in the field, the workshop raised real issues which had us all thinking hard about our procedures and just how we would deal with a crisis in practical terms. Excellent and well worth attending!"








Gemma Bridgman, Operations Manager – STA Travel Group

 “We are really pleased to be working with tranquilico.com. We looked at other companies but were impressed by the knowledge, experience and services tranquilico.com provide




Ricard Giner, Managing Director - WAVA (Work & Volunteer Abroad)

 "We recently experienced a serious incident resulting in a fatality. As the travel organisation who organised this placement with one of our overseas partners, the incident affected us deeply. However, as a responsible travel company it is not enough to just watch a tragic accident like this unfold. We had been trained in crisis management by tranquilico.com earlier in the year, and immediately identified the situation as a "Level 1 incident". This enabled us to immediately put our crisis management procedures into action, step by step. Having not had experience of a situation of this magnitude before, we needed Colin's guidance and advice at several points in the process. His response was always immediate, relevant and reassuring. Without him, and the training we had received previously from tranquilico.com, there is no question that a number of key steps in the procedure would have been absent or improperly handled. We now have a precise moment-by-moment account of the crisis in our incident log, and our relationship with our travel partner has been strengthened as a result. There is little doubt that the tranquilico.com service is invaluable in a crisis and we continue to recommend their service as essential to any travel company that takes the risks to its customers seriously."




Guy Marks, Director - Tribes Travel
 "We have worked with tranquilico.com on the LATA Transport safety programme which they operate on our behalf. On the back of this they have helped Tribes to enhance our crisis management and safety management systems for the benefit of both our business and our customers. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to other operators"



Sarah Wightman - Pura Aventura

"Working with tranquilico.com has been very beneficial to us.  We now have a comprehensive step-by-step crisis management plan in place to deal with any emergencies. This combined with regular training and the knowledge that we can call on tranquilico at any time is very reassuring for us and our clients. We are a small company but they adapted the material and role plays so that they were realistic and relevant to us. I have no hesitation in recommending tranquilico.com. 








Beth Chapman, Managing Director - Inspire Worldwide

"I'm passionate about the volunteer funded projects we operate and every single one of our volunteers to date has had a memorable and educational experience that really will last a lifetime. Health, Safety and Crisis Management are a key element of our operation and it's been excellent to include the services and expertise of tranquilico.com into our business going forward" 




Ben Kidds, Business Development Manager - Interface Management Systems

"I have known Colin for a number of years through providing Risk Assessment software to the companies where he worked such as Thomson, MyTravel and Thomas Cook and more recently tranquilico.com.  I have always found Colin to be extremely professional and methodical in his approach to work and his knowledge of the industry. In relation to health, safety and crisis management I am confident in stating that Colin would be an asset to any company requiring these services.  Colin demonstrates and delivers professionalism and expertise in all areas of his business and is well placed for providing the solution you may be looking for. Working with our PASS system he is able to offer SME's an excellent opportunity to benefit from its capabilities. Companies who wish to license and operate the system themselves can clearly contact us directly for a quote." 






Neil Lapping, Managing Director - Macs Adventure
"Colin delivered our Crisis Management and Health and Safety training in an engaging, informative and comprehensive manner. The team really enjoyed the day and feel much better equipped to deal with these areas. The biscuits were also delicious.”



Adrienne O'hara, Manging Director, Budget School and Group Tours

"We considered a number of providers when looking at companies who could assist us in improving all aspects of our risk management, tranquilico.com were the perfect match"



more testimonials to come...... 





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